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Keep Your Family Active in 2022 Posted On 10 January 2022


Getting Motivated this Year


Whatever you’re doing, make it fun. As you may or may not know, getting your kids to do exactly what they're told isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Given their energy, encouraging them to do regular exercise shouldn't be as tricky as getting them to tidy their bedrooms or to be adventurous in their food choices.


Get the whole team involved. There’s no better way to get everyone involved than choosing exercise that involves teamwork and cooperation. Games that get the whole family together and that also involve a competitive edge often last longer and remove the focus on the exercise itself. 


Let the music guide you. Another easy way to get your kids active if they're feeling cooped up and grumpy is through the medium of dance. Again, this is the type of exercise that kids will love, and they won’t even know they’re exercising. 


Kids aren’t the only ones that need to stay active, so do babies. But with infants, it can be tricky to know what type of exercise to engage them in. Why not try one of the following ideas?


Tummy time

 - A very popular exercise for babies, which you can start as early as two months old.

- Lay a blanket or play mat on the floor and lie your baby down on their belly. The baby will struggle to raise their head off the ground, which will in turn strengthen the baby’s neck muscles. While they are doing this, you can cobra stretch in front of them, so you are both doing your exercises at the same time!


Football hold 

-Done to strengthen neck muscles, can be done from 2 months and onwards. 

- Hold your baby’s body, facing floor-ward and under your arm. Make sure you are fully supporting the baby’s belly and chest. As the baby looks downward and around, their neck will be exercised.


Catch the toy 

- Can be done from ages 3 to 4 months. Helps develop hand-eye coordination and balance.

-Find a soft toy that is small enough for them to grab, and one that you know they are a big fan of. Tie a small soft toy to a brightly coloured ribbon. Dangle it in front of your baby, and they’ll reach out and try to catch it.

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